House Rules

These rules are intended to provide guidelines and create a level playing field for all Employers/Agencies and Job Seekers using the NursingGig.Com site

Placement of Adverts

Adverts on the NursingGig.Com Website will not be published until we have received confirmation of payment for our banking service providers.

Advertising Content

NursingGig.Com has published rules regarding the content and format of jobs posted on the NursingGig.Com Website. The rules are designed to ensure that users who search our Website get results which are informative and clear.

You agree that NursingGig.Com may, at our discretion and without liability to you, remove from our Website any advert which is posted that is in breach of these rules. The rules may change from time to time and you are advised to refer to them regularly.

The Rules are:
  • Clients of NursingGig.Com are not permitted to copy or duplicate job descriptions that are published on the website by other clients.
  • Clients may not use gratuitous keywords in job descriptions or job titles. This includes inserting words, strings of words, or repeating job titles, with the intention of influencing position in the results listing, or increasing the number of page views.
  • Job adverts placed on our Website must be for genuine employment vacancies only and not for other products or services, either relating to or unrelated to recruitment including, but not limited to, affiliate schemes, pyramid selling schemes or any other so called 'business opportunity'.

Legal Content of Adverts

Employers and advertisers are expressly forbidden from publishing adverts on the NursingGig.Com website which appear to discriminate implicitly or explicitly on grounds of gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason. Any such material is illegal and may result in proceedings being taken against both the advertiser and the publisher.

Adverts are accepted by NursingGig.Com on the basis that the advertiser confirms that any requirement or qualification is in compliance with any exemption available under the relevant legislation and does not discriminate illegally.

Where we believe that an advert may be discriminatory, NursingGig.Com may at our discretion either amend the advert or remove it from our Website without liability to the Client and to make any refund of amounts paid or due to be paid in respect of the posting or otherwise. Where such circumstance occurs, the client will be informed in writing.

Responses to Adverts

You undertake to treat applications from prospective candidates who respond to an advert both fairly and professionally.

You undertake not to do anything which may bring NursingGig.Com or the NursingGig.Com Website into disrepute. You will indemnify NursingGig.Com from and against any claim brought by an individual against NursingGig.Com arising from your breach of this obligation or any other of these terms and conditions.

NursingGig.Com does not guarantee any response or volumes of applicants from NursingGig.Com to your advert placed on our Website. We cannot guarantee that candidates who respond to your advert(s) will be suitable for the position posted. It is your responsibility to carry out such investigations as are necessary to ensure that a candidate is suitable for the position advertised and that they have the required qualifications and experience required.


You must have the necessary equipment and be connected to the appropriate services to enable you to post jobs to our Website.

Content Supplied by the Client

These terms and conditions apply to all advertising campaigns ('Campaigns') and other material accepted by us for display on the NursingGig.Com Website. By placing any such material you accept these terms and conditions as principal, even if you are acting as agent or buyer for the third party advertiser.

Each client is fully responsible for the content of material supplied and you must ensure that you have the right to supply it to NursingGig.Com and that it complies with all relevant legislation and codes of practice. If we receive complaints about any material or its content we may, at our discretion, remove the material from display without reference or liability to you.

Rules for Advertising Content
  • The job title must reflect and summarise the job description. It is to no-one's advantage if a job-seeker has to unnecessarily click on a title to find that a job description is unsuitable.
  • Only one job may be posted for each advertised vacancy.
  • If an advertised role does not pay a wage or is voluntary, this must be stated in the job description. Failure to do this will result in suspension from the site, with no exceptions.
  • Job titles and their descriptions must not use excessive CAPITAL LETTERS or **** Punctuation !!!!
  • Jobs must only appear once per company or agency listing. Do not post the same job twice, even if it is rephrased.
  • Expire the job as soon as it is filled. (Or let us know and we will do it for you.)You will be informed 4 days before the expiry date of your advertisement by email. On the expiry date your advertisement will be archived so you access/use the content again if appropriate.
  • If you are recruiting in order to build a panel of CVs for a position that is not at that moment vacant, this must be made clear in the advert or job description.
  • If there are any disbursement costs for which the jobseeker is likely to have to meet, these must be explained in the advertisement.
  • The employer must take care that each job is advertised in the right category and regions.
  • Avoid generic job advertisements such as 'NURSES, NURSES, NURSES' or 'DR, DR, DR'.
  • Do not put an e-mail address in the job title or the job description. There is a place for this, if you feel you have special requirements let us know and there is usually a better way of doing things.
  • Only select the region in which the job actually exists. Do not select surrounding or adjacent regions. For example, if the job is in London, only select 'London' do not select 'Kent' or any other region.

You will indemnify NursingGig.Com against any claim that your material infringes the intellectual property or copyright or other rights of other users or is defamatory or otherwise offensive.

If you are an employment agency or an employment business (as defined by the Employment Agencies Act 1973) it is your responsibility to ensure the adverts you place on the NursingGig.Com Website comply with the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.

You are solely responsible for fulfilling and dealing with any orders or enquiries relating to the goods or services to which a Campaign relates and you will indemnify NursingGig.Com accordingly.

In the event that NursingGig.Com or any of our third party subcontractors who may host and serve Campaigns from time to time, make an error in displaying any Campaign the cost of the error will be the cost of re-running the relevant Campaign. Neither we nor our subcontractors shall be liable in any circumstances for any loss of profit or business. We shall, additionally, have no liability for failure to display the Campaign caused by circumstances outside our control.

These Terms and Conditions of use are in addition to and not in substitution for our Standard Terms of Business.